The websites I've worked with have given me the opportunity to flex my essay muscles, letting me practice one of my favorite art forms with platforms on which to share my work! If you want to take a look at my thinkpieces, listicles, and even my hot takes, feel free to peruse this page for them. Pieces are listed by publication!

Daylight Interactive


What Do Emma and Curb Your Enthusiasm Have In Common? Awkward Humor and Hatred of the Bourgeoisie

The Marriage Plot and its Discontents

Watching Frozen II The Day After Thanksgiving: What Happens When Post-Colonial Narratives Become Profitable?

Hunk of Bern-ing Love

How #PayUpHollywood Can Gain Momentum And Transform The Industry

After #MeToo: Is it time for Hollywood activism to tackle capitalism?

Why I Don’t Want To Be Famous Anymore: Dispatches From An LA Reject
Requiem For A Film


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO TENACITY (and other Scorpios, we guess) -- Your Guide To Scorpio Season

Get Down To Business This Virgo Season

Did Twilight Low-Key Cause The Spike In Female Leads In the 2010s?!

Alan and Alexa: A Queer Halloween Short Story

The Exquisite Art of the Essay: A Meta-Essay

I Don't Want An Icepack, I Want A Hug: How Six of Crows Got Me Through Some Weird Shit

Robots Who Sing: On AI Narratives and Queerness

Queer Sex: A Trans and Nonbinary Guide To Intimacy, Pleasure, and Relationships

Peculiar Terms: Reading and Re-reading Homestuck

All About Love: Reading Bell Hooks in the Trump Era

The Secret Queerstory: Giorgi’s “The Secret History” Reflections Masterpost

          Part One

          Part Two 

Too Like The Lightning Review

The Female Gaze

Why Do Female Spies Have To Use Seduction As Their Weapon Of Choice? 

I Loved San Junipero, But Is Lesbians And Complex Sci-Fi Too Much To Ask?

Dear Reader, Please Watch Steven Universe, Love Giorgi 

A Redemption Arc For Serena Joy Could Take Handmaid's Tale Season Two Beyond Atwood's Novel

Little Red Tarot

My Jupiter Return and the Wheel of Fortune

FF2 Media (selected)

COLOR OUT OF SPACE (2019): Review

Kitty Green on ‘The Assistant:’ “If we looked cool, we would have failed”


AFTERWARD (2018): Review

Alison Reid and Anne Innis-Dagg help giraffes and women as a creative team

Black Christmas doesn't bother with subtlety

BLACK CHRISTMAS (2019): Review

Rebecca Sugar’s ‘Steven Universe: The Movie’ a retrospective on emotionally intelligent series

Jaye Fenderson talks working with husband on ‘Unlikely,’ electoral implications for the film

"The Favourite" Queers The Past and The Present 

Queer Your Queue: A List of Lesbian Period Pieces To Watch After the Favourite

Wish Upon Review

Paint It Black Review 

David Lynch: The Art Life Review