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Note: my name has been changed for those testimonials given before 2019!

I’ve worked with Tenacity for the past six months and she’s been professional and dependable, always meets deadlines, communicates gracefully, and managing her feels easy and enjoyable. Tenacity provides stellar work, which is consistently bold, clever and colorful, and she's genuinely dedicated and excited by her work. Recently, I received a large and pressing project and Tenacity was the first person I thought of because I knew I could trust her to get it back to me in time – she of course got it back earlier than asked. I could not recommend her more, and working with her has been an absolute pleasure! -- Corinne Smith, Director of Content at BuySeasons, Inc.

Tenacity's first review for our site remains our most-viewed post. She consistently writes our website's most popular content, and her distinct voice and humor draws readers in. She's constantly coming up with fresh and engaging projects that she sees through to the end, delivering well-polished and thoroughly researched articles while comfortably meeting deadlines. -- Hannah Varacalli, Editor in Chief of Queerly Reads

Tenacity has proven herself an efficient and reliable resource, consistently able to produce quality work on every occasion I’ve asked her to create copy. She is wonderful to work with and has always delivered on language expectations while still making the work her own. I would happily recommend her to anyone requiring support with writing and content development! -- Tom Pokorney, Solutions Consultant at Narrative Science

Tenacity has been involved with The Female Gaze since the beginning. Her views on feminism and film are highly valued by the magazine; and her unique viewpoint helps us all to see things a little differently. - Sarah Gonnet, Editor in Chief of The Female Gaze

Tenacity's strongest quality is that she is able accept constructive criticism and respond appropriately. By doing so, she demonstrates that she is determined to obtain a professional work result with her clients. She is a talented writer, editor and all-around communicator. If you're looking for quality writing and/or editing, look no further! - Jacob Hallman, SimpleTense Education

Tenacity is a joy to work with - a great writer who's reliable, sincere and always delivers on time with high quality work. I'd highly recommend her! -- Lesley Tam, Marketing Manager at Daily Horoscopes, Ltd.

As the Director of Digital Marketing at BuySeasons, I worked with Tenacity for freelance writer services since February 2018 to develop content for our costume and party supplies ecommerce websites. She has helped our business with product descriptions, rewriting product names, category page content and blog articles. Tenacity has always stood out as high performer among the freelance writers we work with due to her high quality of work, positive attitude, and fast response times.


Due to the seasonality of our business, we would often have high quantities of content needed as new products were added to our websites. Tenacity was quick to respond when I reached out to her about an assignment and was willing to accept large amounts of product descriptions with a short turnaround time, sometimes even a day or two notice. She went above and beyond my expectations and was even willing to work weekends to complete projects for us. I knew I could count on her to get the assignment finished within the agreed upon time so we could meet our deadlines.


Despite short timeframes for many of the projects, Tenacity consistently delivered high quality work and had a strong attention to detail in following assignment directions. Many of our projects had very strict character/word counts and formatting guidelines, which she followed closely so we didn’t need to spend additional time making edits or rewrites. I have enjoyed working with Tenacity for our content projects and would gladly recommend her to others as a freelance writer as well. -- Lisa Wright, Director of Digital Marketing at BuySeasons, Inc.